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Hamilton denies repetition of DAS system: I don't know what you saw

Hamilton denies repetition of DAS system: "I don't know what you saw"

18-11-2021 15:43 Last update: 15:49


In the days following the Brazilian Grand Prix, footage emerged showing the Mercedes' steering wheel moving slightly on corner entry. A repeat of the banned DAS system of 2020? Lewis Hamilton denies.

Hamilton denies DAS 2.0

Hamilton denies that Mercedes has built an unfair advantage into the car. Also in 2020, the advantage the team got from the DAS system was not unfair, but the FIA decided to ban it in the future.

During the press conference Hamilton is asked what he can see on the images. Hamilton wonders what they are talking about. Formel1.de quotes the Brit: "The steering suspension is not moving back and forth."

"Last year we had it, but not this year. I don't know what you saw." The FIA is very strict on all moving parts on the car. In fact, apart from the DRS, this is forbidden in almost all cases. Red Bull Racing will be very keen on Mercedes' steering movements in the coming races.

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