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Alonso: 'Hamilton's lifestyle separates him from the rest'

Alonso: 'Hamilton's lifestyle separates him from the rest'

17-11-2021 15:19 Last update: 16:08


It is no secret that Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are not exactly best friends. Alonso has openly backed Max Verstappen in his title fight with Hamilton and regularly speaks out on the subject. In an interview with PA Media the Spaniard explains why he feels his old rival has alienated himself from the rest of the Formula 1 field.

The Alpine driver stresses that there is mutual respect between him and Hamilton, but that's about it. "In 2008, 2010 and 2011 we had quite a good relationship, because we both understood that in 2007 we were not managed well by our team boss," he says of his time with Hamilton at McLaren.

"Now we have a respectful relationship, but it has perhaps cooled down a bit compared to before. We have different opinions on different things. Lewis has a different lifestyle to many of us and that seperates him a little bit from the rest," he explained.

Alonso relishes title battle Hamilton and Verstappen

Formula One is set to kick off yet another chapter in the title fight between Verstappen and Hamilton, which will take place in Qatar. "It's good for the sport in general," Alonso said of the fierce title fight. "Everyone likes a real fight, not an artificial fight or a fight between teammates. The fight should continue until Abu Dhabi and that's exactly how the sport should be."

As to whether Hamilton has an advantage due to the titles he already has to his name, Alonso can be brief. "No. When you win the championship, you completely reset the next year. You start again from zero and you never get tired of success, so I don't think that's a strong point for Lewis. He has a lot of strengths, but it's not impressive to keep winning. That's pretty easy."

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