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Brawn saw no dramatic risks in Verstappen's defensive actions

Brawn saw no dramatic risks in Verstappen's defensive actions

17-11-2021 11:20 Last update: 13:12


The Formula 1 World Championship is on the edge. The battle between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes is fiercer than ever. Ross Brawn, director of motorsport for the FIA, also sees a real battle of titans this season between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

Gladiator fight between Verstappen and Hamilton

In his column on the official Formula One website, Brawn is very enthusiastic about the race weekend in Brazil. "It gave us the kind of drama, intrigue and excitement that only F1 can deliver. It's a sport of technology and gladiatorial battles between drivers. We had it all this weekend." He also said the crowd was fantastic. "It was inspiring to see how they shared their passion and it created an incredible atmosphere."

One man stood out above everyone else at Interlagos, Brawn has to acknowledge. "Mercedes had a wonderful car this weekend and when you get someone of Lewis' calibre with a car like that, he is unstoppable. He dealt clinically with the setbacks of an engine change and his disqualification for qualifying and it was by far the performance of the weekend."

Defensive actions Verstappen

Hamilton drove from twentieth to fifth in the sprint race, before driving from tenth to first on Sunday. Hamilton passed almost everyone with apparent ease, but Verstappen was a tough act to follow. Verstappen's defensive actions are currently under a magnifying glass, with Mercedes having submitted a request to the FIA to reassess the situation. "Everyone will have a different view on it, but there were no dramatic risks".

Whether Verstappen still receives a penalty or not, one thing is certain. The championship is on edge with just three races to go. "We are seeing a titanic battle for the two championships this year and the race in Brazil was yet another twist in an exciting story." According to Brawn, however, it could still go either way. "Mercedes had the advantage this weekend, but it could be back in Red Bull's favour next time. Nobody knows what will happen next time."

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