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Still a penalty for Verstappen? 'Absolutely crucial for the title fight'

Still a penalty for Verstappen? 'Absolutely crucial for the title fight'

17-11-2021 08:38 Last update: 10:29


Craig Slater has revealed in a video from Sky Sports that there is a chance that Max Verstappen loses his second place of the Brazilian GP to Valtteri Bottas. The ball is now in the stewards' court.

Still a penalty for Verstappen

Mercedes was furious that Verstappen got no penalty for his defensive action towards Lewis Hamilton in turn 4 of lap 48. The Dutchman pushed his title rival off the track, but also ended up off the track himself. Mercedes announced yesterday that with new evidence it hopes to still enforce a penalty for the Dutchman.

''With the fresh evidence, the case can be reopened if the race director decides it can be. What they can gain is a penalty from Verstappen if the stewards reconvene. That could be a five-second penalty. Bottas was only three seconds behind Verstappen. If he is penalised, he drops three points.''

Drama in Formula 1

''That could be absolutely crucial in the title race. Mercedes were not happy and thought it was unfair that Hamilton was disqualified in qualifying for what they considered was damage to their car. As Toto Wolff considered diplomacy is over, the gloves are off,'' said Craig Slagter. Like GPblog Slater also reveals that he has heard that people within Red Bull have reacted with surprise to Mercedes' action.

''This is getting a little bit dirty and bitter towards the end of the season, a lot of acquisitions flying around and we've not had a title fight like this for years so it's adding to the drama," Slater concludes.

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