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Horner reveals: Verstappen had damage to his rear wing as well

Horner reveals: Verstappen had damage to his rear wing as well

14-11-2021 16:59 Last update: 22:11


The soap opera surrounding Lewis Hamilton's rear wing has strained relations between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes. At Mercedes they have already made it clear that they will be putting salt on every nail, while Red Bull seems to be preparing a protest about Mercedes' rear wing. According to Christian Horner it is only right that Hamilton was disqualified on Saturday.

What caused extra discussion is that Red Bull were allowed to replace parts of Verstappen's rear wing after the sprint race. That didn't sit well with Mercedes, but according to Christian Horner, it was just a matter of repairs, he explains to Sky Sports."If you see something from a reliability point of view, you get permission to change it. I think he's just trying to throw a bit of shade because it's a different thing to failing a test."

No consequences for Verstappen

So in Verstappen's case there was also damage to the rear wing, but he was able to pass the FIA 's tests, something Hamilton's car was unable to do."We saw an issue with it, so you just want to make sure everything is fine for the race". According to Horner, Verstappen's problem is different from the one Hamilton had after qualifying though.

"It's a different thing. Their car failed a test. A binary test. Its comparing cheese and eggs," Horner concluded.

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