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Norris on battle with Hamilton: I didn't have to take any stupid risks

Norris on battle with Hamilton: "I didn't have to take any stupid risks"

13-11-2021 21:37

Lando Norris is celebrating his birthday in the Brazilian paddock and he had a positive sprint race to go with it. All of the attention is on the title fight at the top of the World Championship, but McLaren and Ferrari are also engaged in a fascinating duel. The Brit moved up a place on the grid from seventh to sixth and perhaps crucially moved ahead of Charles Leclerc

Ferrari benefitted from the sprint qualifying as Carlos Sainz finished on the podium. The Italian team picked up a single point in the Championship which could prove vital because the battle for third is extremely close. Norris highlights this overtake in his post-race interview with Sky Sports

"With my driving, I made improvements for the race and it paid off in terms of the pace against Charles. I am happy and smiling at least," Norris said. "I am happy with today, we are ahead of a Ferrari and another one would have been lovely but he was too far ahead."

Hamilton v Norris

His fellow-countryman Lewis Hamilton started from the back of the grid due to a disqualification in qualifying. Hamilton produced a stunning display to move through the field. He saved his best overtake to last by taking a big lunge on Norris at turn one. Norris reviews that moment and plays it down. Despite his overtake, Norris will start ahead of Hamilton because the seven-time World Champion moves back five-places due to his engine penalty. 

"It looks easy for him. He doesn't even have to work. It wasn't that good of an overtake I am not going to lie. I didn't have to take any stupid risks. He is in a different league compared to us," Norris said. 

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