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Lyrical about Verstappen: Max absolutely sets new standards every day

Lyrical about Verstappen: "Max absolutely sets new standards every day"

11-11-2021 14:27 Last update: 15:48


For the first time in Formula 1 history, a Dutchman has a chance to become world champion. With four races to go Max Verstappen is in the lead with nineteen points ahead of Lewis Hamilton. Jan Lammers looks with pride at the achievements of his fellow countryman, although he also knows that anything can happen.

Verstappen sets new standard

In an interview with Sky Sports News Lammers reiterated his enthusiasm for Verstappen. "Max absolutely sets new standards every day," said the former Formula One driver. "We are extremely proud of him with what he does," he speaks on behalf of Dutch Formula One fans.

Yet Lammers thinks Verstappen is aiming higher. "Max's goal is not to be the best in a Dutch perspective, I'm sure he's aiming to be one of the best of all time on a global scale." Verstappen is still young but has already accumulated a lot of experience. "He's been doing this for over twenty years now. He's a veteran at such a young age."

Verstappen world champion?

In the world championship standings, Verstappen has a reasonable margin of nineteen points on Hamilton, but anything can still happen in the final four races. "There only needs to be one wheel stuck at a pit stop. We've seen a lot of championships go up in the air with trivial things." So Lammers certainly doesn't want to cheer too early and doesn't think Verstappen and Red Bull will either.

However, Verstappen has won half of all Grands Prix this season, nine out of eighteen. "For now it looks fantastic, but he still has to do it," he said. Whether or not Verstappen manages to become world champion this year, Lammers will not change his mind about Verstappen. "For me, Max doesn't need to win the world championship to prove that he is very exceptional."

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