'Hamilton really hasn't been beaten yet,' says Brundle

09-11-2021 15:27 | Updated: 09-11-2021 16:51
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'Hamilton really hasn't been beaten yet,' says Brundle

The Netherlands are slowly warming up to the first world title of Max Verstappen. With 19 points ahead of Lewis Hamilton and four races to go, many expect that this can't go wrong anymore. But it is and remains motor sport. So many things can still happen, Martin Brundle realises.

Everything can be so different

The former driver explains in his column on Sky Sports explains how quickly everything can change. "Max knows very well, just as Lewis does, how quickly this can all turn around given he only has the equivalent of one second place and a fastest lap points advantage. On Sunday race morning back at Silverstone in July, for example, he led by 33 points. The crash that day turned the season on its head, and Max is smart enough to keep his hands firmly in his pockets rather than even begin to reach out towards his first world title."

In addition, in Brazil there is twice the chance of a crash entering the first corner, Brundle realises. "There's 107 points still available as we head to Brazil where we will have the third and final Saturday 'Sprint' race of the season, along with the double jeopardy of two grid charges down to the first corner in close formation."

Favourite in Brazil

However, Max Verstappen and Red Bull do have an initial advantage, Brundle explained. "Red Bull is probably the favourite heading into São Paulo given the bumpy track layout and 765 meters of altitude. After that we have two completely new and unknown venues to the F1 calendar in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, followed by potentially the championship showdown in Abu Dhabi, a track layout which is now 10+ seconds per lap faster and more flowing than before."

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