Priestley: 'What weighs more heavily: your eighth or your first title?'

04-11-2021 16:12 | Updated: 04-11-2021 17:09
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Priestley: 'What weighs more heavily: your eighth or your first title?'

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are battling it out for the 2021 F1 world title with five races to go. For Hamilton, that will mean a record eight titles and for Verstappen, a lifelong dream will come true.

Seven titles versus zero titles

Marc Priestley thinks the two drivers will think different and insinuates that people think Verstappen is more driven to take a title. However, the F1 expert thinks there is absolutely no difference in how badly the drivers want the 2021 cup.

Priestley, in a live video on YouTube, says it's one of the best seasons and loves how the battle is going: "They are under a lot of pressure. Lewis would desperately like to take the title, but if he never succeeds again, he's still a seven-time champion."

The difference between Hamilton and Verstappen

That, according to Priestley, is the big difference between the Brit and Verstappen: "If Verstappen never manages to take another title, he will never be an F1 world champion; his lifelong dream."

So, according to the F1 connoisseur, there is a difference in the way they approach this title. "But, that's just not to say that Lewis wants this any less than Max does."

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