Wolff plays role in Mercedes race strategy: 'I don't look at specific data'

02-11-2021 12:16 | Updated: 02-11-2021 14:46
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Wolff plays role in Mercedes race strategy: 'I don't look at specific data'

Next to and behind James Vowles, there is an army of other strategists at Mercedes who determine the right strategy and tactics during the race. Team boss Toto Wolff talks about the decision-making process on the pit wall at Mercedes and explains his own role.

Army of strategists at Mercedes

Chief strategist Vowles is the familiar man from the on-board radios of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas during the races at Mercedes; "Lewis, it's James." Behind him is another army of strategists he has contact within Brackley.

At RTL News Wolff explains the course of events and says that Vowles' line is red-hot: "There's a big group of people in Brackley who all have tools and mathematical calculations. That's all being discussed over the strategy channel between Brackley, James and me."

In fierce title fight it sometimes goes differently

Vowles and the strategists only come into play during the race when Hamilton and race engineer Peter Bonnington, for example, are unable to reach an agreement. Vowles consults with Wolff, James Allison and press boss Bradley Lord. The four of them are the most important sparring partners.

In a fierce title race, like the one in 2021, things sometimes go differently and Wolff has an important say in the decision. Wolff: "I don't look at the specific data, but I am able to monitor the board radio's of the other teams and see in which way the race is developing."

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