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Dilemma for Red Bull? 'Each team has its own motives'

Dilemma for Red Bull? 'Each team has its own motives'

01-11-2021 17:42 Last update: 20:36


For the first time since 2013 Red Bull Racing have a chance to win the title. Max Verstappen is leading the drivers' championship, while the team is second in the constructors' standings. There is still a chance for both titles. In a new edition of Dutch program Slipstream Allard Kalff and Kees van de Grint discuss a possible dilemma for Red Bull.

Perez in the lead

Kalff and Van de Grint agree on one thing during the broadcast. Red Bull Racing is the big favourite for victory in Mexico. "Verstappen is the favourite", thinks Van de Grint, although he nuances himself immediately. "I do say Verstappen, but maybe also Perez, in his home race. In any case, Red Bull is the favourite."

However, Kalff thinks Perez will be whistled back by his team if he drives for Verstappen. "Then he will get a call from the team saying 'shall we turn that around'. We understand that he wants to win his home race, but here the team's interests take precedence." Van de Grint adds: "You could think that, but every team has its own motives."

Dilemma for Red Bull

According to Van de Grint and Kalff that is the dilemma for Red Bull. Is winning the constructors' title more important than winning the drivers' title? "If you think the constructors' title is more important, it doesn't matter if Perez or Verstappen wins. Personally, I would go for the drivers' title. That's the most appealing one." Financially, winning the constructors' title is again more interesting for the teams.

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