Massa is impressed: 'Verstappen copes well with the pressure'

30-10-2021 15:26 | Updated: 30-10-2021 17:19
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Massa is impressed: 'Verstappen copes well with the pressure'

It's never easy for a Formula 1 driver to compete for the world title for the first time, let alone against one of the best drivers of all time. But according to Felipe Massa Max Verstappen is handling the pressure well.

Since the moment Verstappen entered Formula 1, the Dutchman has been in the spotlight. Especially in his early years he was accused of being a hothead and not being able to handle criticism. As a leader at Red Bull Racing, he has however grown up quickly.

Felipe Massa is also noticing this. "Pressure is a part of Formula 1. You always have pressure. It's on the driver who is first and the driver who is last. But I think Verstappen is a driver who can handle the pressure well," he told in an interview with AS .com.

Battling with the best driver ever?

And the Dutchman is not just battling a driver, but one of the very best of all time. Could Hamilton himself possibly be called the best F1 driver ever? "It's hard to make comparisons. Schumacher - Senna, Hamilton - Schumacher... They are drivers who made a difference at the wheel, but are very different. Times change and it's hard to compare. It's like comparing Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to Pele and Maradona," explained the Brazilian.

The battle between Hamilton and Verstappen can still go either way, but Massa has one clear favourite: "Max Verstappen".

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