Pirelli boss on new 18-inch tyres: 'Will definitely be able to push'

Pirelli boss on new 18-inch tyres: 'Will definitely be able to push'

30-10-2021 11:58 Last update: 16:53

Next year the 18-inch tyres will return to Formula 1 after they were last used in the 1960s. Pirelli boss Mario Isola told the Ziggo Sport Formula 1 Café more about these tyres as testing has now been completed.

Both slicks and intermediates have been tested and Isola is very satisfied. He reported that the feedback from the drivers was very positive which makes him happy with the new tyres himself.

"When I see the targets in the order, we are close. We tested on the mules, not on the new cars, so we still need to validate the results, but I'm positive," the Italian said.

Push is no problem

There were questions about whether the new tyres would be good enough for the kerbs, but there were also concerns that the new tyres would mean drivers could be less aggressive. According to the Pirelli boss, this is not the case as this is something they have tested extensively.

"We asked them to drive the same lines as with the 13-inch tires and they reported no problems with the kerbs. So I think they can push. That was also a requirement. Drivers want to be able to push from the start until the last lap, so we asked them to push and not to manage the tyres. The new tires overheat much less than the old ones. So I expect them to race much closer next year than they do now."

No inequality

Furthermore, the Italian also stressed that there will not be an advantage or disadvantage for certain teams. All information is shared with everyone, but separate from that everyone will have to start with a clean slate so it will be the same for everyone. The fact that there are new tyres doesn't make much difference according to him.

"The new cars are very different. The whole aero-package works differently. So a lot of things are different. Next year everybody starts with a clean slate as far as numerous details are concerned. And so also the tires are different."

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