FIA calls for drivers' meeting after Alonso and Raikkonen fight

25-10-2021 11:18 | Updated: 25-10-2021 12:38
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FIA calls for drivers' meeting after Alonso and Raikkonen fight

In the United States Grand Prix Fernando Alonso got into a fight with both Alfa Romeo's. Race director Michael Masi notices that more explanation is needed about the situation that occurred at COTA and he will discuss the situation with the drivers.

Difficult choice for Masi

According to Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen had performed an illegal overtaking manoeuvre in Turn 1. However, the race committee waved away the Spaniard's protests. Alonso was forced to give up his place to Antonio Giovinazzi not much later in the race, after a wrongful overtaking manoeuvre.

The roles were reversed for the Spaniard. Race director Masi reacts opposite to the exasperated Alonso: "I can understand his frustration," said Masi. "The call in regards to him and Kimi at Turn 1 was certainly marginal."

Incident Alonso and Raikkonen to be discussed

"We will definitely have a discussion about this at the next drivers' meeting," Masi continued. "Because I think there was two parts to the story, let's call it."

The Australian explains: "There is being obviously the overtake and looking at the forcing off the track, and then obviously the subsequent element of the overtake." Alonso asked immediately after Raikkonen's action if he could get the position back. The Spaniard was afraid of falling further behind.

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