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Hamilton fears Red Bull Racing and Verstappen: 'I have to win this race'

Hamilton fears Red Bull Racing and Verstappen: 'I have to win this race'

22-10-2021 07:41 Last update: 09:02


For Lewis Hamilton, it is essential that he wins the United States Grand Prix. With six races to go anything is still possible but the Briton is worried about the race in Mexico.

Hamilton and Max Verstappen are fighting for the world title this year and with only six races to go the difference is six points in favour of Verstappen. Despite this small difference, Hamilton is putting the pressure on for the upcoming weekend in America. The seven-time world champion wants to win again.

Hamilton must win

''I look at it from weekend to weekend, but I have to win this race. That's crucial,'' Hamilton said according to the NOS at the press conference ahead of the race weekend. For Hamilton and Mercedes, this weekend is so crucial because the next race is in Mexico, which is of course ideal territory for Verstappen and Red Bull.

''We fear that Red Bull will be very difficult to fight at the next race in Mexico. That is really a circuit where we will have a hard time and where Verstappen and Pérez will score, so I have to perform here. Actually, I need to win all races from now on. In any case, I have to get everything out of it. The pressure is on, but I like that'', concludes Hamilton.

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