Alonso sees big change: 'The races were much more boring'

21-10-2021 16:48 | Updated: 21-10-2021 18:56
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Alonso sees big change: 'The races were much more boring'

Fernando Alonso never shies away from being critical of the rules that Formula 1 implements. The Spaniard is however enthusiastic about the DRS that the FIA introduced years ago. He tells that in conversation with

Before 2011 it was not easy for a driver to overtake his predecessor, so the organisation decided to allow DRS. Alonso looks back on that change in Formula 1 with great enthusiasm.

"I think we’ll always need it in Formula 1," Alonso states when asked if the DRS will ever disappear from Formula 1. "I know that it provides some artificial overtaking sometimes at different circuits. But if we look back, when we didn’t have DRS, the races were much more boring. It was much more difficult to overtake."

Alonso sees DRS as useful tool

According to Alonso, it is impossible to maintain excitement without DRS. "Formula 1 is not like other categories. I think in F1 you’re always struggling to follow closely enough because of the nature of the aerodynamics and how clever all the teams will always be to provide performance. So DRS is going to be useful tool, I think, even for the future."

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