Marko: "His immense knowledge is often the deciding factor in the set-up"

21-10-2021 17:20 | Updated: 21-10-2021 18:56
Marko: His immense knowledge is often the deciding factor in the set-up

Helmut Marko is keen to see what Red Bull Racing can do in the United States Grand Prix weekend. The advisor of the Milton Keynes based racing team does not want to talk about a 'Mercedes circuit' and thinks there are opportunities for Max Verstappen, especially because Adrian Newey is back in the team.

"Almost everything was considered Mercedes territory and Hamilton territory, but that was only because they had no competition. Now we are at least on the same level at most circuits," said Marko, who will do everything he can to win in Austin for the first time since 2013. "I think i

Red Bull hopes for Newey

In an interview with ÖSTERREICH the 78-year-old Graz chief confirms that Red Bull fell 15 km/h short on the straights in Turkey. The gap needs to be reduced mainly in terms of aerodynamics, as engine supplier Honda doesn't seem to have the capabilities to suddenly throw extra horsepower at it.

"I hope we can make up our ground on the chassis side," said Marko. The return of Adrian Newey should at least start to help with that. "Thank goodness! He's the figurehead of Red Bull, he has the most experience, in all areas. He can also read the data on the simulator and in the wind tunnel the best and coordinate from there. On the track, his immense knowledge is often the deciding factor in the set-up."

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