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'Verstappen the most popular F1 driver according to biggest sports survey'
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'Verstappen the most popular F1 driver according to biggest sports survey'

21-10-2021 07:26 Last update: 11:51


Max Verstappen will be declared the favorite of the public on Thursday. Sportsmail has received the results of the Formula 1 survey and saw the Dutchman surprisingly at the top.

Formula 1 has released a survey of all fans in partnership with Nielsen Sports and Motorsport Network. The survey asks fans about every aspect of the sport. The F1 management calls this the biggest sports survey ever conducted. From this a popularity list has been made, which has come into the hands of the British medium.

Verstappen most popular

The survey showed Verstappen to be the most popular driver. This came as a surprise to the British medium, especially compared to Lewis Hamilton who already has seven world titles to his name and over 24 million followers on Instagram. This is four times as many compared to Verstappen's six million.

However, Hamilton is only in third place in this ranking, because in second place we find another Brit: Lando Norris. The young McLaren driver has become very popular in a short period of time and will also owe a part of his followers to his performances online.

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