Ferrari satisfied: 'Our new engine is working well'

20-10-2021 19:19 | Updated: 20-10-2021 21:25
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Ferrari satisfied: 'Our new engine is working well'

Ferrari had a painful season last year, but in 2021 the Italians are slowly starting to make progress. With six races to go it still has a chance to finish third in the Constructors' Championship, which could bring in a lot of extra money. Enrico Gualteri is satisfied.

In recent months the engine management of Ferrari worked hard to provide Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz with an improved engine, with which the drivers should be able to compete. During the Grands Prix of Russia and Turkey it became clear that the Italians have taken that step.

"It seems that our new engine is working well," Gualteri told us in an outlook on the Twitter page of Ferrari. "We managed to set up the electrical systems many times more efficiently. Although it has cost us a lot of effort, with this we are taking a step in the right direction with a substantial upgrade."

Leclerc and Sainz almost equal

Striking enough Sainz and Leclerc are almost equal in the world championship. Where the Spaniard managed to collect 116,5 points, Leclerc didn't get any further than 116 points. Sergio Pérez is above the two drivers with 135 points.

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