Ricciardo confident: 'I will definitely attack Max and Lewis'

20-10-2021 18:02 | Updated: 20-10-2021 18:44
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Ricciardo confident: 'I will definitely attack Max and Lewis'

Daniel Ricciardo struggled to perform at McLaren at the start of the season, but over the course of the season, we saw more and more of his qualities on display. Whereas his teammate Lando Norris has been in between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen on a number of occasions this season, Ricciardo believes he can also make things difficult for both drivers.

Ricciardo already showed his skills when he was under contract to Red Bull Racing years ago. The Australian is not afraid to take on Verstappen and Hamilton. "I always try to be upfront, even when the title fight is so exciting," he told the Beyond the Grid podcast on the official Formula 1 website. "I will definitely attack Max and Lewis whenever I get the opportunity."

Although the Dutchman and Briton have a faster car, for now, Ricciardo thinks he can make things difficult for them in other ways. "I'm good at braking late, which means other drivers have to take me into account. Personally, I'm not reckless, but I do like to take risks."

McLaren awaits exciting season in 2022

This coming season, there will be several changes to the Formula 1 cars, which will suddenly make McLaren look a lot better. Whether this also leads to McLaren being able to compete for the world title, is something that we will see next season.

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