New regulations make a new clever 'Red Bull trick' impossible in 2022

19-10-2021 13:52 | Updated: 19-10-2021 16:59
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New regulations make a new clever 'Red Bull trick' impossible in 2022

The Formula 1 regulations will be changed considerably in the coming year. The changes should make motorsport even fairer in the future. Possibilities like the double diffuser, as used by Red Bull Racing in the past, are no longer available. That is what James Key says in conversation with

Mercedes managed to dominate Formula 1 in recent years and the FIA wants to prevent that from happening in future. As a result, the teams should be on a more equal footing at the start, which should increase the excitement in the sport.

"You won't see double diffusers and innovations like that with these standards," explains McLaren's technical man. "They're too restrictive for that. But there will be other clever ideas and ways of looking at things that we will start to see when the cars come out for 2022. So I think there will probably be less cheating."

Prediction for 2022

However, Key believes it is still difficult to predict what will happen next season. "When you have new regulations like this, the most exciting time of the year is the first qualifying session, where everyone shows how fast they are. I think ultimately we won't know until qualifying in Bahrain next year."

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