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Will Flavio Briatore return? 'A new chapter in Formula 1'

Will Flavio Briatore return? 'A new chapter in Formula 1'

19-10-2021 07:58 Last update: 09:02


Flavio Briatore seems to be returning to Formula 1. In a video posted on his Instagram account, he can be seen together with Stefano Domenicali and together they announce a bright future for Formula 1.

Briatore has been a team boss in Formula 1 for years and experienced some nice highlights. He won the world championship twice with Michael Schumacher at Benetton and did the same ten years later with Fernando Alonso and the same team, then under the name of Renault.

Return of Briatore

However, after Crashgate, Briatore was banned from F1 and would not return to the sport. Until now, because in a video on his Instagram account, he and Domenicali reveal a new partnership. ' 'Stay tuned, because next year a lot of fun for Formula One,'' the Formula One CEO says, after which Briatore takes over.

''New energy, new power and new enthusiasm for Formula 1, '' says the flamboyant Italian. ''A new chapter in Formula 1'' is in the caption of the former team boss and Christian Horner is very happy with his return: ''Great to see you getting involved in the sport again'', says the Red Bull Racing team boss.

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