Domenicali: 'Soon there will be good news about the future of Formula 1'

18-10-2021 12:58 | Updated: 18-10-2021 15:54
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Domenicali: 'Soon there will be good news about the future of Formula 1'

Despite the pandemic Formula 1 will manage to do a record number of 22 races this year. Next year this record will be broken immediately because 23 races will take place. The CEO of Formula 1, Stefano Domenicali, is very happy about that.

This year was a puzzle for the organisation of Formula 1. Because of the pandemic, it was difficult to reach the record number of races, but thanks to the flexibility of the organisation and the teams they managed to create an extensive calendar. They are still going to surpass this great achievement next year, but fortunately, in that calendar, the teams and the hard-working staff have been taken into account.

"Next year, we’ve launched the calendar with 23 Grands Prix. Thanks to the promoters and the teams, we have adjusted the calendar to start in the middle of March and finish on 20 November, one month before Christmas. We were keen to have the right rhythm for the calendar while also keeping the three-week summer break and giving hard-working personnel enough of a break at the end of the season," says the CEO at The Formula 1.

More good news next year

In 2022 there will not only be a record number of races but the Miami Grand Prix will also be added to the calendar. This year also saw the addition of new circuits in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The addition of these new circuits and races in a short time shows that there is definitely interest in Formula 1 which is very good news for the future.

"Regarding the future beyond 2022, there will be some other good news coming out soon, which I don’t want to spoil by saying now. We are going in the right direction and have reached a point where we can choose where F1 will go in the future."

The amount of requests to host a Grand Prix is overwhelming, but also something the sport should be very proud of. "It shows our platform is attractive with more and more governments seeing it as an opportunity to develop their businesses, local economy and awareness of their community. Exciting times ahead."

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