Vettel worried about F1 calendar overload: 'Not special any more'

18-10-2021 07:51 | Updated: 18-10-2021 09:32
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Vettel worried about F1 calendar overload: 'Not special any more'

Sebastian Vettel is worried about the overcrowded Formula 1 calendar. In 2022, 23 races will be held in a shorter time frame than ever before. The German is worried about the staff, but also about the sport itself.

Last week Formula 1 presented the new calendar for the 2022 F1 season. In it, a record number of 23 races is set, but also in the shortest season ever. The season will start in March and end already in November. The record number of races is therefore crammed into a minimal time frame.

Full F1 season

''We must not forget the people who work in F1. As a Formula One community, we travel all over the world and everyone can calculate how much work the specialists have to do. 52 weeks a year, four months where there are no races, the rest has to be squeezed into a very intense season,'' Vettel said according to

Besides the fact that the pressure on the staff in Formula 1 is becoming too great, Vettel also believes that it is not interesting for the fans. ''We shouldn't have so many races. If we hold too many Grands Prix, there is a risk that a race is nothing special anymore for the fans'', concludes the seven-time world champion.

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