Aston Martin wants longer contract for Vettel in 'any shape or form'

17-10-2021 20:00 | Updated: 17-10-2021 22:44
Aston Martin wants longer contract for Vettel in 'any shape or form'

Lawrence Stroll did not offer Sergio Perez a contract extension in 2020 and chose Sebastian Vettel as his replacement. At Aston Martin they are satisfied with Sebastian Vettel and therefore Stroll Sr. hopes that the multiple World Champion will stay with the British team for the coming years.

Up until last season the team was known as Racing Point, but after Stroll became a shareholder of Aston Martin the name was changed. Stroll has big plans, because with Vettel not only was a big name brought in, but also a lot of new personnel was recruited and a new factory is currently being built on a 37,000 square metre plot of land.

Aston Martin aims world titles

"When we became Aston Martin, it wasn't transformative in name only, it was transformative in the direction and the plans of the business, and the direction the business was going in. We were recruiting over 250 new people and it is not just the quantity but the quality, and it is all about bringing Aston Martin back to winning World Championships," Stroll explained on Beyond the GridStroll further explained his ambitious plans.

Vettel currently occupies twelfth place in the World Championship, but that could also have been eleventh if he hadn't been disqualified in Hungary. At Aston Martin they are in touch with the input of the seasoned 34-year-old driver. "Obviously, to have a four-time World Champion and the experience he can bring to the team, which has never won a World Championship... so the way to think and to act."

Vettel contract

Vettel competed for Ferrari for six seasons from 2015, but he did not get a contract extension. "For Sebastian, it really was a beginning of a new journey, of this new team coming to life, and he wanted to be part of it for the beginning, and hopefully will remain forever in one way, shape or form," the Canadian billionaire concluded. Currently, Vettel is under contract until 2022.

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