Vettel fears for F1 future: 'I understand that criticism’

16-10-2021 18:55 | Updated: 16-10-2021 23:09
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Vettel fears for F1 future: 'I understand that criticism’

Sebastian Vettel is passionate about the environment and raising awareness about it. He does his part as much as possible, inspiring others to take more interest in the issue.

Yet he realizes that there are people who find it hypocritical that he is for a green society, but at the same time drives in Formula 1. "Of course, I understand that kind of criticism too. Formula 1 is not green, " said the four-time world champion in an interview with the Italian branch of

The Aston Martin driver therefore believes it is important for the sport to deal with the issue, because without changes he fears Formula 1 will disappear. "Then I don't see the future of this sport very bright," the German continued. "Then Formula 1 will eventually disappear and it will be right."

Vettel thinks new fuels not ambitious enough

According to Vettel, biofuel is not the solution. He is in favour of synthetic fuels, which Formula 1 is currently working on as well. "For biofuel you still need sources and there are some bottlenecks there in my opinion," he continues.

"It's good that Formula 1 is looking at sustainable fuels, but next year's 10 per cent e-fuel is not exactly revolutionary from a technological point of view. Consumers have been able to buy those fuels for years, and I don't think it fits with the ambitions the sport should have as a frontrunner in technology," said Vettel.

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