Horner clear on preference: 'That's where the big money is'

16-10-2021 08:07 | Updated: 16-10-2021 08:36
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Horner clear on preference: 'That's where the big money is'

Red Bull Racing hopes to grab the world title this season for the first time in years. To do so it needs Max Verstappen to be able to beat Lewis Hamilton in the final stages of the season. However, in the back of Christian Horner's mind there is another objective - winning the constructors' championship.

The Red Bull team boss sees the benefit when Verstappen wins the top prize, but also points to the financial part. "As a team we can win the big money with the constructors' championship," Horner stated to Sky Sports. "Only the prestige is of course with the drivers' championship. Seen from Red Bull's point of view we are obviously going for winning the drivers' World Championship, on the other hand we want to be in the first pit box next season."

Hamilton and Verstappen still have six races ahead of them to beat each other. With the Grands Prix of the United States, Mexico and Brazil just around the corner, the Dutchman looks set for a great few weeks, but Horner feels it is still difficult to say what is possible. "The odds are still 50/50. Fortunately we can expect a number of circuits that suit us well."

Final battle between Mercedes and Red Bull

In the final stages of the season, Red Bull and Mercedes have to work in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The final GP takes place in Abu Dhabi as usual.

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