Mercedes favourite for world title: 'Clear statement'

15-10-2021 12:26 | Updated: 15-10-2021 13:27
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Mercedes favourite for world title: 'Clear statement'

Max Verstappen is currently leading the world championship by six points, but according to Jolyon Palmer that doesn't make him the favourite. In fact, he expects Lewis Hamilton to win the world title. He has told TalkSport.

Red Bull Racing have been earning respect all season. Where Mercedes have grabbed the world titles relatively easily in recent years, Verstappen has been able to compete with Hamilton all season. Palmer, however, noticed a clear change during the Turkish Grand Prix.

Mercedes' top speed was namely a lot higher than the competition. "For the first time this season I’m starting to think maybe Lewis is the favourite overall," Palmer stated, looking at the performance in Turkey. "I’m worried for Red Bull because I can’t remember the last time they really showed a lot of pace."

Statement from Mercedes

Palmer saw Valtteri Bottas easily take victory in Turkey. "That’s a clear statement by Mercedes, and even though Hamilton’s behind in the championship, he’s the stronger driver quite comfortably. He’s going to be able to apply the pressure and really turn the screw in the Middle Eastern races, Verstappen has to really fly in the next couple."

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