Wolff sought psychological help: 'That's important to realise'

15-10-2021 11:43 | Updated: 15-10-2021 13:24
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Wolff sought psychological help: 'That's important to realise'

Toto Wolff may be incredibly successful at Mercedes, but by no means does the team boss never seek professional help. In a YouTube video from Mercedes, Wolff explains that it's nothing to be ashamed of.

The Austrian talks extensively about the help he sought in the past. "I've made great experiences with cognitive behavioral therapy for example," stated Wolff. "It's just fascinating to learn about your thoughts and how you can change the pattern, but everybody will feel and try to their own way. I think it's important to realize that only if we feel good our environment is going to feel good about us."

In doing so, Wolff sees that some of society looks at people strangely when they seek help. "Most important is to get rid of the stigma that comes with mental health. Truth is I suffer in a different way maybe to others but suffering means not being well like many other people and in that respect I've always looked for professional help which gave me much more tools."

United States GP

Behind the scenes, the team boss is busy preparing for the United States Grand Prix. Next Friday, the drivers will start with the first two free practice sessions.

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