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Hamilton can't explain progress: I don't really know why that is the case

Hamilton can't explain progress: "I don't really know why that is the case"

14-10-2021 08:40 Last update: 09:01


It's clear that Mercedes have gained ground on Red Bull Racing in the battle for the championship, but Lewis Hamilton insists that the team haven't changed anything in the car. He suggests that the Istanbul Park circuit just happens to suit Mercedes, and that the next time it might be different.

Mercedes said earlier that they were 'encouraged' that the car was strong enough to beat Red Bull. Red Bull, however, questioned the sudden progress of its rivals, but the FIA saw nothing worrying about Mercedes' powerplant.

Hamilton can't explain sudden Mercedes advance

Hamilton himself has no explanation ready for his team's sudden improvements. "We haven't done anything to the car, so I don't really know why that is the case," said the Briton according to The Race.

"I think the two tracks that we’ve just driven on [Sochi and Istanbul], maybe suited us a little bit more. The car has been feeling great," he continued. "Valtteri did a great job, if he continues to perform like that over the next few races, it will be good for the team. If the car continues to behave as it has this weekend, that’s good for us."

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