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Red Bull raves about Verstappen: 'That's what makes him so popular'

Red Bull raves about Verstappen: 'That's what makes him so popular'

13-10-2021 10:21

Max Verstappen is clearly the frontrunner at Red Bull Racing. Christian Horner explains in an interview with Channel 4 Christian Horner explains what makes the Dutchman so special and why the team wants to work so hard for him.

In 2016, Verstappen debuted at Red Bull Racing with a win in Barcelona and from that moment on, everyone at Red Bull knew they had a special talent on their hands. Horner talks about Verstappen's sheer speed, with the experience of more than 100 races now helping to achieve great success.

Verstappen's experience

"Max is at a stage of his career where you see that with his experience of more than 100 races in Formula 1 he is gaining that maturity and has been very rounded this year. At 23 of age it's nuts to have 100 races. (meanwhile 24 years old). When he joined us he was 17, now he is matured and we've seen a huge evolution in that time. That pure speed and aggression is still there with makes him so exciting. Now, he can balance that with the experience he has now,'' Horner told Channel 4.

"He has got great self-confidence and he is just a racer. That's all he wants to do. You won't find him at a-lister parties. If he's not in a race car, he's in a simulator. That's the generation that he is. He's single minder like all top athletes have to be, but he is also a strong team player and has a huge sense of loyalty. That's what makes him so popular in the team because everyone knows he'll give 110 percent," concludes Red Bull Racing's team principal.

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