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Bottas no longer self-critical: 'Another reason why he lost his drive'

Bottas no longer self-critical: 'Another reason why he lost his drive'

13-10-2021 09:07


Valtteri Bottas put himself back on the map with a win in Turkey, but Peter Windsor argues that the Finn has little reason to celebrate. Bottas has himself to blame for losing his seat.

Bottas wins another race

With his first victory in his pocket during the 2021 season, Bottas will end his period with Mercedes with at least one victory. The Finn will draw a lot of confidence from this, but in a NEW VIDEO Windsor explains what he believes is the reason for Bottas losing his seat.

''When he was in his Williams days and early Mercedes days, he was very self-critical and learning and improving on areas that weren't working as well as the other driver in the other car. Over the last five years, he hasn't been doing that. He works on many other things. In the simulator, fitness and that, but he hasn't been doing is working on things like the rate of which he comes out of the brake pedal for example," Peter Windsor lists a number of examples.

On to Alfa Romeo

''All those things that Lewis (Hamilton) does so well and that you can't learn on a simulator. He hasn't been doing that. I think that's also another reason Bottas has struggled against Lewis and as a result, has lost his drive.

''He will now think 'I've shown them I'm as good as anyone in difficult conditions, but he will also think 'I've lost the seat'. Not a great feeling. Of course, he will be positive to work for Alfa Romeo, but it is a shame when you see how well he drove for Mercedes this weekend, that he isn't staying with Mercedes," Windsor concludes.

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