F1 medical car driver misses last few races: 'Must comply with those requirements'

12-10-2021 20:50 | Updated: 12-10-2021 22:28
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F1 medical car driver misses last few races: 'Must comply with those requirements'

Ahead of the Turkish Grand Prix, Formula 1 announced that the drivers of the medical car have tested positive for the coronavirus. Alan van der Merwe announced on social media that he was not vaccinated against the virus for personal reasons. It probably has consequences for his presence during the last six races.

Indeed, proof of vaccination is required to gain entry to Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the new additions to the F1 calendar. The certificate would also be required for access to the paddock in Abu Dhabi. Normally Van der Merwe travels to all races, but now it seems he will not be able to attend the last races of the season.

"In Switzerland (I’m half Swiss) and other developed countries, prior infection counts as much as a vaccine," he writes. "I trust that those countries know what they’re doing, and also respect countries’ more restrictive rules and not travel there. I am fully aware that I will potentially be less employable or that my freedom of movement will be restricted based on my choices," he revealed on his social media.

'FIA must respect country's demands'

Race director Michael Masi also responds on Autosport.com: "From what we understand, there's a couple of countries that you probably won't be allowed to enter the country, unless you're vaccinated. Which is no different to, let's call it in some parts of the world, malaria shots or whatever it might be that you can't enter the country. You need to comply with those requirements to enter the country. And, you know, from that perspective, the FIA obviously has to respect the country's requirements to get in, and as will all the teams and everyone else."

Masi confirmed to have been in contact with the drivers of the medical car throughout the weekend. Both men are doing well.

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