Wolff makes suggestion for full F1 calendar: 'Rotation principle within the teams'

12-10-2021 19:02 | Updated: 12-10-2021 19:23
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Wolff makes suggestion for full F1 calendar: 'Rotation principle within the teams'

Several figures in Formula 1 have already criticised next year's Formula 1 calendar. The program is expected to consist of 23 races and some believe that it will be too much. Toto Wolff is now also getting involved in the discussion. According to him, there is no problem with the number of races, but there should be rotation within the teams.

"I think as much as we want to host races around the world and put on a great show at beautiful venues and make sure the sport grows in terms of ratings, reach and commercial revenue, we also have to see the toll it takes on people", Wolff says on Motorsport-Total.com. According to him, 23 races with multiple triple headers will be too much.

"Now you can adopt the old mentality and say, 'Be happy to be in Formula 1 and if you can't handle it, go and do something else,' but that is completely contrary to the way I work", the Mercedes team boss says. He thinks it is especially important to create a good working atmosphere within his team.

Wolff makes proposal

Wolff, therefore, proposes a rotation principle within the teams. "If you could skip five of the 23 races, that makes a huge difference for everyone involved in the sport. We all have young people in the team who haven't been on the front line or in the hot seat yet."

Wolff stresses that it's not about the senior staff, like himself. "You have to look at the people who are really working hard." By this, he means the mechanics and technical people who are already there three days before the start of a race weekend for all the preparations. "Mistakes can lead to bad luck or pit stops go wrong. It all falls back on the individual. We are at the table and can influence that. We have to do it for their good", Wolff finishes.

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