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Mazepin apologises: I feel very sorry for Lewis

Mazepin apologises: "I feel very sorry for Lewis"

10-10-2021 16:37 Last update: 16:38


Nikita Mazepin apologises to Lewis Hamilton after the Turkish Grand Prix. The Russian driver got in the way of the seven-time world champion when Hamilton wanted to put him on a lap, but no damage was done.

Mazepin was driving his own race at the back of the field when the race leaders came to lap him. On the fastest section of Istanbul Park, the young Russian got Hamilton behind him. The Mercedes driver wanted to overtake Mazepin on the inside of Turn 11, but Mazepin slammed the door on Hamilton.

Mazepin apologises to Hamilton

"I feel very sorry for Lewis," Mazepin is quoted as saying by Motorsport-Total.com. The wet road surface caused an awful lot of spray to come from behind the cars. "I can't see anything in the mirrors. I need clear instructions where the other cars are. I was driving blind."

Mazepin's action went unpunished and he himself says he will still visit Hamilton to apologise personally. The Russian drove a disappointing race himself. With no dropouts in Turkey, he finished in 20th and last position.

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