Marko a satisfied man: Got the best out of it
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Marko a satisfied man: "Got the best out of it"

10-10-2021 15:28 Last update: 16:17

Helmut Marko is happy with Red Bull Racing 's double podium finish at Istanbul Park. According to the 78-year-old Austrian a victory was simply not possible on Sunday. Valtteri Bottas had too much speed with his W12, but in the end it was still a very positive day for Red Bull.

"We got the best out of it. The tyre management was decisive, we took no risks and took it easy all afternoon," Marko analysed the Turkish GP for Austrian television station ServusTV.

Perez was on the podium for the third time in 2021, while Verstappen again passed Hamilton in the world drivers' championship. "Checo drove a fantastic race and the lead in the world championship is ours again. We are very happy."

Top speed Mercedes

Marko does worry a little about the top speed of the Mercedes. According to the advisor it all started at Silverstone and the difference in horsepower only seems to get bigger. Marko will talk to Honda to see if something can be done about it, but he also doesn't rule out that the extra performance will have to come from the chassis side.

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