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How will Hamilton fare in midfield? He'll be watching Verstappen closely.

How will Hamilton fare in midfield? "He'll be watching Verstappen closely."

10-10-2021 12:51


The Turkish Grand Prix will start in wet conditions. The drivers will start on intermediates, so a trouble-free start is important. How will Lewis Hamilton fare in midfield in these conditions? Paul di Resta has the answer.

"I think Lewis wants to pick battles one on one," said the former Formula One driver on Sky Sports. "I think he is vulnerable in these conditions, going into turn one someone could trip over him."

Hamilton keeps an eye on Verstappen

He continued: "It's a place where there is a lot of incidents at turn one, going through trying to keep his front wing intact. I don't think he'll be able to extend the stints as long as he did last year, the tyre will work hard so the performance will fall off."

Di Resta doesn't think the 2020 race is a good benchmark. "Don't look back last year and think that's what its going to be like. And Lewis will be looking at the progression Max is going to make," the analyst concludes.




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