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Drivers give their opinion on title race: 'Think Mercedes can turn it around'

Drivers give their opinion on title race: 'Think Mercedes can turn it around'

07-10-2021 14:26 Last update: 15:42


During the press conference of the FIA all the drivers will have their say. The end of the season is slowly approaching, so of course, a lot of drivers will get questions about the title fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Who do they think will win the world championship?

Charles Leclerc finds it hard to say and is positive about both drivers. "It feels like Max would probably walk off the field as the winner. He's been faster than Lewis in more races. But Lewis is extremely consistent and is always on it. It's going to be exciting." Esteban Ocon, on the other hand, is more on the side of Mercedes. "Red Bull and Max were often faster, yes, but I think Mercedes and Lewis can turn it around", he is quoted on Motorsport-Magazin.com.

Future Mercedes driver George Russell gives no surprising answer now that he has signed for the German team. "Red Bull and Max are very fast. But I think the experience will help Lewis." Kimi Raikkonen, as usual, gives a sober answer. "Whoever has the most points. I just hope it will be decided on the track, not by other mistakes." He doesn't want to name any other names. "It would be boring to know all of it."

Vettel agrees with Verstappen

Many think that Verstappen remains very calm under the pressure. The Dutchman himself indicated that his life would not change if he became second. Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel gives his opinion.

"When something is very important to you, it's hard to stay calm and have everything under control", he says. "Does it help? Sure. Will it change his life [if he becomes world champion]? That's for him to judge. Overall, he's probably right."

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