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Aston Martin still feel disadvantaged by 2021 rule changes

Aston Martin still feel disadvantaged by 2021 rule changes

07-10-2021 11:19 Last update: 11:41


Just like the Mercedes team, Aston Martin suffered from the negative consequences of the rule changes that were implemented this year. Whereas last year, when the team was still called Racing Point, they were able to fight for podiums on occasion, this season's performance has been disappointing. Will this continue into 2022?

Backwards step

According to team principal Otmar Szafnauer this will certainly be the case. In conversation with The-Race.com he says: "We have spent more time on the development of this year's car to get it to a decent place than we would have done otherwise. This is because of the backward step we took because of the aero rule changes from the FIA."

"It has not only affected this year's car, but it will also affect next year's," Szafnauer continued. The team boss still feels clearly disadvantaged by the FIA's rule changes, which he himself calls "unilateral decisions".

The Future

Aston Martin has big plans for the future. The team is sourcing good staff from other teams (the team even tried to get Adrian Newey to join Red Bull Racing ) and is building a new factory. Lawrence Stroll, the owner of the team, has already expressed his wish to compete for the world championship as soon as possible.

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