'Duel between Verstappen and Hamilton is the best title fight so far'
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'Duel between Verstappen and Hamilton is the best title fight so far'

06-10-2021 17:57 Last update: 18:47

Seven more races and we will know for sure who is the world champion of 2021. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are only two points apart and the title fight is fiercer than ever. Former Mercedes director Norbert Haug sees that both drivers are aggressive and in top form, but he still thinks that some mistakes will be made.

The title fight between the Brit and the Dutchman is a real highlight in Formula 1 for many people. Norbert Haug completely agrees and even has the idea that this can be called THE highlight.

"The Verstappen-Hamilton duel leaves nothing to be desired. So even if you have memories of great old Formula 1 times: I don't think it's ever been as good, close or competitive as it is now. And that's hugely good for Formula 1," Haug told

Who is more aggressive?

Verstappen and Hamilton are often compared, partly because their personalities seem to be very different. Haug just doesn't think there's much difference when you look at the aggressiveness between the two. "Lewis may seem less aggressive, but we've seen some actions where he says, 'When it's good, it's good,' and then I can be really tough."

The German journalist is very impressed with both drivers though. Hamilton exudes a certain maturity and elegance, but Verstappen is much younger than the Brit and has already achieved impressive results.

Problems to come

Despite both drivers being on top form and the cars appearing to be performing very well, the final sprint between the two is still going to be very exciting. Ultimately it will depend on their performance and making as few mistakes as possible will be important and Haug also knows that a mistake is quickly made.

"I think there will be a lot of inconsistencies. Of course, even the coolest drivers get nervous. Under pressure, you can make a mistake here and there - even as a super, super professional."

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