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Risk taking rewarded at Williams: 'We have nothing to lose'

Risk taking rewarded at Williams: 'We have nothing to lose'

05-10-2021 14:28 Last update: 16:14


Williams have not scored any points for a long time, but this season the team is clearly changing that as they already have scored 23 points. It now seems more and more likely that the good results are not just down to drivers George Russell and Nicholas Latifi, but that it is really down to good team decisions and the new attitude after the arrival of Jost Capito.

The team is doing a great job this year and has already scored several points this season. The big highlight was the double points for the team at the Hungarian Grand Prix. According to Dave Robson, head of vehicle perfomance for the team, it is not only down to luck but also the improved car.

"There's definitely momentum, for sure. Making some good decisions encourages you to continue to make those good decisions - that definitely helps. The car is not too bad.  It's something we can work with, which we haven't always had in the last couple of years," explained the Brit at Motorsport.com.

Nothing to lose

Besides the car being improved, it is also true that the team has a different attitude and mindset compared to a few years ago. They are now in a situation where they have little or nothing to lose and therefore dare to take more risks.

Good examples of this kind of situation were the recent races in Belgium and Russia. At both Grands Prix, the team took big risks which eventually led to good results. Because the team does not expect to finish high, they can afford to take these kinds of risks.

"I think the car is good enough at the moment that we can at least see some reward for taking those kind of decisions, which makes a big difference. It means you don't make the decision and then look back with unjustified regret afterwards, because you actually see some reward for it. We're still in a position at the moment where we've got a lot to win and not a huge amount to lose, which does take a little bit of the pressure off," Robson said.

Capito also plays a role

New team boss Jost Capito has certainly contributed to the team's new attitude and the head of vehicle performance is very happy about that too. "Equally though, Jost undoubtedly is very supportive of those decisions. Jost is very proactive in reminding us that we're free to make those kinds of decisions and there won't be any direct come back if it turns out to be wrong. I  think he undoubtedly has a part to play in setting that scene and allowing us to do a good job."

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