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Wolff makes interesting suggestion: We can just do two laps

Wolff makes interesting suggestion: "We can just do two laps"

04-10-2021 18:06 Last update: 18:27


It is no secret that Toto Wolff is not a fan of the new sprint race format. The Mercedes team boss believes it adds little, as the drivers will not go all out for some points.

Wolff does believe that there is a commercial advantage. "Commercially the sprint races are an advantage because we have a full Friday, a mini race on Saturday and the Grand Prix on Sunday," says the Austrian at Sky Sports.

Wolff wants to change sprint race format

He continued: "I don't like the sprint race format on Saturday. There's too little at stake, and then there's too much because you don't want to be at the back of the grid. Maybe we should change the points situation a bit, or the length of the race."

On the latter, Wolff has an interesting suggestion: "If it's the start that counts, we can just do two laps," the Mercedes team boss says jokingly.

Unfortunately for Wolff, there is no chance that the FIA will adopt his idea: Formula 1 announced earlier that it wants to use the format for more weekends. It is still possible to make adjustments to the current format.

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