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Red Bull request was thrown out after reporting 'Mercedes trick' to FIA

Red Bull request was thrown out after reporting 'Mercedes trick' to FIA

04-10-2021 10:36 Last update: 11:23


Red Bull Racing didn't get a hearing at the FIA. The team of Max Verstappen had inquired about a trick of Mercedes, but the FIA did nothing about it. The battle for the world title is still wide open.

With only seven races to go, it is still very exciting between Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen in the championship. Lewis only has a small lead of two points and therefore both teams are doing everything they can to decide the title in their favour. Red Bull went to the FIA to inquire about Mercedes.

Trick of Mercedes

According to Red Bull Racing Mercedes would use a trick to cool the plenum. According to Red Bull, this would not be in accordance with the rules, but now Auto, Motor und Sport Red Bull Racing now reports that sources within Red Bull Racing have told us that the FIA did not want to do anything about it. So the fight must be won on the track.

That fight will be very exciting because where Russia and Italy were the last two Mercedes circuits, there are few weekends left where one of the two teams is really the favourite. '' It differs very much from circuit to circuit who is better at handling the chassis,'' Helmut Makro commented.

Red Bull the favourite?

Marko is optimistic about his team's chances. ''It's difficult to predict who's favourite for Turkey, but after Turkey, there are three races in our favour with Austin, Mexico and Brazil,'' the Austrian concludes.

With those assumptions, it sounds very positive for Red Bull and Verstappen, but even those races still need to be won. In Mexico and Brazil, Verstappen has done well for years, but in America, we often saw a Mercedes win. The battle is therefore far from over.