F1 CEO sees his sport going green: 'Zandvoort is a good example'

03-10-2021 10:30 | Updated: 03-10-2021 14:12
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F1 CEO sees his sport going green: 'Zandvoort is a good example'

In recent years, Formula 1 has declared itself in favour of the environment and is working hard to make the sport climate neutral. Under Chase Carey the first steps were made and Italian Stefano Domenicali, is taking further steps to make the sport greener.

Speaking to Sky Sports 24 the former F1 team boss explained F1's position on the climate debate. "In F1 it is not only a debate about the present, but also about the future. We have a system where big suppliers, big companies and big countries are involved. We have a responsibility to perform constantly."

F1 as an example to the world

"Then I'm not just talking about the cars we drive, but also the organization of the Grand Prix. There needs to be a general guideline to make sure we can control emissions and pay attention to the environment."

Domenicali used Zandvoort as an example. There, they organized a race in the dunes and allowed fans to come to the circuit by bike, train or on foot.

"We started this year to reduce the use of plastic. Discarded plastic is no longer present in the F1 paddock, so no more for the fans at the track. In Zandvoort, we had 34,000 people who went to the Dutch Grand Prix by bike and another 25,000 came by public transport from cities around Zandvoort," Domenicali explained.

"F1 is very much concerned with the environment and the climate. We are doing our job, although sometimes we also give the wrong impression and are seen as those who are actually making more emissions. It's really not like that. We are doing what we can, be it small or large. We have to be an example and a guideline for the future."

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