Honda chief happy with changes in F1: 'Was a big challenge for us'

02-10-2021 11:52 | Updated: 02-10-2021 11:56
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Honda chief happy with changes in F1: 'Was a big challenge for us'

Formula 1 is trying something new with the sprint qualifications at Silverstone, Monza and later in Brazil. Not everyone supports the idea yet, but F1 can count on the support of Honda chief Toyoharu Tanabe.

Honda faced big challenge

With the new format, the 'normal' qualifying as we have had for years falls on the Friday afternoon and the second free practice is shifted to the Saturday. After Friday's qualifying, the parc fermé rules will apply, meaning that no more work can be done on the car.

Tanabe says in conversation with that FP1 has become extra important because of this. "We need to quickly understand and check the data from the training before we start the final training. And that was a big challenge for us." Despite the big challenge, Tanabe is happy that F1 is trying new things.

Tanabe would like to see F1 try out more new ideas

In fact, Tanabe would like to see Formula 1 try more new things. For example, he also revisits the controversial reversed grid races: "The fact that this is being discussed is proof that those in charge of Formula 1 are constantly thinking about how to make the sport even more exciting for the spectators. And I think it's one of those ideas that we need to try first to really know if it's a good or bad idea."

"If we don't try anything new, we'll never move forward. Otherwise, we'll get stuck, so we have to do it. Personally, I don't know if a reversed grid was going to be a success or a miss. But in general I am in favour of new ideas rather than stagnation," concludes Tanabe.

In Russia, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc and Valtteri Bottas gave a small taste of what a reversed grid race might look like. The trio, normally at the front of the field, all used new engines in Sochi and had to come from the back of the grid to the front of the grid during the Grand Prix.

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