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Windsor not only sees luck for Hamilton: 'The rain also gave Verstappen that P2'

Windsor not only sees luck for Hamilton: 'The rain also gave Verstappen that P2'

26-09-2021 21:25


There is again much to discuss after the Russian Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton eventually won the race after a wrong decision by Lando Norris not to come in for intermediates. Max Verstappen drove from P20 to second place.

In his new YouTube video Peter Windsor analyses the race in Sochi. "Max Verstappen, who started from the back of the grid as predicted on the hard tire, found that the medium was not a great match for the Red Bull Honda in the second phase of the race, which was a surprise. You’d imagine on a lighter fuel load, the medium would be good, but it wasn’t. He even got passed by Fernando Alonso. On the intermediates Max was just brilliant as well in the wet using all sorts of lines, finding the grip."

"You could argue that Mercedes made the perfect call for Lewis Hamilton on this ocassion and you don’t say that lightly, because it’s a really difficult call to make when the driver’s out there saying it’s not that wet. You’re thinking, Lewis had got a lot of ability, more than most obviously and it if is just a light drizzle then maybe we should leave him out, but they were absolutely adamant that it was going to get worse. On this occassion, 100 full marks to Mercedes, the team should take as much credit for this win I think as Lewis, because that was a great call right", he continues.

Bottas unsuccessful

Valtteri Bottas also started from the back of the grid, in 16th place. "Valtteri didn’t do a very good job of holding off Max Verstappen for too long. It’s like one and a half laps and then Max was gone on the same tires, don’t forget. I think the die-hard Max Verstappen Red Bull fans will say 'wow, this is another incredibly lucky win for Lewis Hamilton.' The rain stopped even as he took the checkered flag, but it was just enough to get in the lead, but I think the rain also gave Max Verstappen that P2 and I don’t think Max will be complaining about that at all starting from the back of the grid."

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