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Horner shares Marko's view: Expect another penalty for Hamilton

Horner shares Marko's view: "Expect another penalty for Hamilton"

26-09-2021 17:01

Christian Horner said after the Russian Grand Prix that based on the simulations Red Bull ran before the start of the race at Sochi, a fifth-place would have been the highest possible. However, the weather gods decided otherwise and ensured that Verstappen finished second.

"Before the race in Sochi we thought that a fifth place would be the optimal for Max," said Horner, who had not dared dream of a second-place for Verstappen in Russia. After all, Mercedes has been dominant at the Sochi circuit time and time again since 2014. "From 20th to second, that feels like a victory. After two strong circuits from Mercedes, Max is only two points behind. That's encouraging."

Verstappen can choose from four engines

Verstappen put in his fourth engine of the season and so appears to be 'safe' for the rest of the season. Hamilton only has three power sources in his pool. It remains to be seen whether the Mercedes driver will be able to finish the season with them. The 2021 season still has seven GP's to go.

"If you see how many engines Mercedes has already consumed this year, including the sister teams, I do expect them to take another penalty. But we don't know that," reports Horner at The Telegraph. Helmut Marko expressed in the media last weekend that he is pretty sure that the Mercedes team with Hamilton is going to face another grid penalty.

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