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Norris: 'Took decision based on information the team gave me'.

Norris: 'Took decision based on information the team gave me'.

26-09-2021 16:22


Lando Norris was incredibly close to his first Grand Prix victory in Russia but saw that opportunity pass him by in the final stages. He can only blame himself for that. It was he who made the decision to stay outside.

Ziggo Sport reporter Jack Plooij tries to give a positive twist to the interview by stating that it was a heroic decision by Norris and that he should be proud of it. Norris however doesn't want to know anything about that.

"If you say so...," said Norris. "It was indeed a decision I made, which was wrong. I made the decision with the information the team gave me. I said I’ll stay out. At that point, it was the correct decision, but for whatever reason, we didn’t see, it was raining so much more. Obviously, I can’t see that."

Mercedes had better information

"For about five laps it was drizzling and slippery, but the second half of the circuit was completely dry. They [Mercedes] knew somehow it was going to rain a lot more. Whether they saw that on the TV or the radar I don’t know, but therefore the intermediates came into play," Norris said, thus implicating the team in his decision.

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