McLaren team boss speaks up for Norris: 'Got to thank him'

26-09-2021 15:31
McLaren team boss speaks up for Norris: 'Got to thank him'

Lando Norris could have been the hero in Russia, but in the end, the Brit became heartbroken. The McLaren driver decided in light rain not to pit for intermediate tyres. When there was more rain, Norris was left with no chance. Andreas Seidl speaks up for his driver.

"I saw him quickly after he jumped out of the car just to say thanks for everything he has done this weekend," Seidl responded to Sky Sports on the Russian Grand Prix. "Of course we are disappointed and he is disappointed but that is part of the sport."

A podium finish seemed certain, provided Norris had driven in in time to get ahead of the heavier rain."Hindsight it is always easy to say what we could have done differently or he could have done differently. We didn't get it together. It wasn't the right thing to stay out."

Norris gambles wrong

Norris appeared at the British cameras with tears in his eyes. Seidl takes up for his pupil. "I think he is long enough in this sport and he knows that this is part of the game. There is a chance that we can overrule him on the pit wall but together we made the decision together. Lewis had the opportunity to do the opposite to us and stay out if we pitted."

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