Red Bull conquers Formula 3 championship

24-09-2021 16:53 | Updated: 24-09-2021 18:58
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Red Bull conquers Formula 3 championship

Dennis Hauger has managed to secure the Formula 3 championship. With two races to go, he has enough points to secure himself the first position.

His rival Jack Doohan had a good starting position before the race. However, he did not get away well on pole position, while Hauger had an excellent start. This allowed Hauger to run a strong race and secure himself a victory in the championship.

Hauger was pleasantly surprised when he heard over the board radio that he was definitely the best driver of the season. Although he was already 43 points ahead of his competition prior to the races in Russia, it did not make him any less happy.

Hauger reaction

The driver commented to the cameras afterwards: "It was a difficult race. We didn't have the speed in qualifying. Then we made adjustments and as a team we secured the championship. I want to thank Prema. I love them and we still have Saturday and Sunday to get the constructors' championship as well."

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